Sneak peek of next book and did I turn into Grubhub!

You know I love my children and I only have one daughter! Everybody says she looks exactly like me(she doesn’t like that by the way lol!). She is a freshman in college and we were super happy when she got a scholarship and her school is about three blocks from our house. Because of the scholarship rules she has to stay on campus for two years. We have let her use one of our vehicles and paid the insurance for her to use it!

Keep in mind she has that vehicle and we are two minutes from the school. She called this week and asked me to bring her some shirts and her crocs. She was just at the house two days before because of their 6 week break. She stayed at home. She already needed shirts so I gathered up shirts and ran them down. She’s called for clothes, can you pick me up some food, can you pick me up some stuff when you go to Walmart. Anything and everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but sometimes Scott and I feel like delivery drivers. He took her some food the other night and told her where was his 10.00 delivery fee. She was unamused. Kids. When do they become adults again?

Here’s a sneak peek of the cover for the next book, Jaxon’s Pursuit. This man is a sweet southern boy and he’s determined to win the shy, frightened Ruby who was the victim of a trauma and backed away from her own life, preferring to hide behind a camera.

Coming This Week!

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