What we learn from our children?

So, I have had some crazy times with our kids. But, lately those come in the form of late-night, kinda weird calls. Last night, right after my son got off work at 11:30, my cell phone rang. I pick it up and all I hear is my son’s voice and a strange man’s and then the phone hangs up. If you have children, you know I freaked out big time!

Tried calling and no answer. Now I’m really losing it. Until five minutes later when I get a text telling me, I accidentally ran a red light and got pulled over. Whew! Not a murderer, but not great either and I had visions of our insurance going up. He finally called me ten minutes later after he dropped his friend off. Tells me, “Mom, Dad’s gonna kill me. I don’t want to come home.” I get him talked down and he comes home but wants to lock his door. Nope. That won’t work either. You’re just going to have to suck it up.

My hubby took it better than I thought he would. And my son’s paying for his ticket. So…it’s all good.

Last year, when our daughter went to college, we get a phone call on my cell phone at almost midnight. It’s my daughter and I pick it up and she’s crying. I’m freaking again and my hubby says, “What’s wrong?”

Her answer is, “I’ve been driving around the parking lot and can’t find a parking spot and I’m so tired. So, since the college is literally a five minute drive from our house, hubby says bring the van back home and park it and I’ll take you back to school. She got a scholarship from the school but she has to stay on campus for two years. They wouldn’t even bend it for Covid.

So, he takes her back and comes home and we’re both just sitting there like, “Can you believe this?” And I told him, “They’re always going to need us, aren’t they?” It’s sweet and scary all at the same time. But you love them so you do what they need!

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