So many thoughts this weekend.

9/11 is a rough time for a lot of people. I didn’t directly lose anyone but I remember that day vividly. I was about seven months pregnant with my daughter. I had to stop working because my employer got tired of me getting sick a million times a day. I heard on the radio in the car that a plane had hit the towers. They made it sound like a small plane. A few days previously I had watched a Cessna hit a woman’s house and the man did it on purpose. It was his ex-wife and he took their daughter with him. Killed them. It’s appalling how much supposedly civilized people will try to hurt each other.

The newscaster obviously thought it was something along those lines. I picked up my sewing needle at the store and went home. Before I got there the second plane hit.

I got home and watched it all. Horrified. Angered. And so confused. Those are images I know I can never forget no matter how much I wish I could.

I had so much fear bringing my daughter into this newly-frightening world. But she turns 20 soon. She’s a sophomore in college and wants to be an optometrist. She lives a normal student life and I couldn’t be happier for her

Time marches on but we can’t forget our past. And I don’t want to. Painful though those memories are, they are all part and parcel of some wonderful times too.

I am blessed with wonderful children, a husband I love 💕 and a joy in writing that inspires me. I wish all of you your inspirations and memories as well!

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Also, more are coming out in paperback if you like paperbacks! Love y’all! Tamrin

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