So this year has been a crazy one! My two youngest kids are both in college. They’re home right now, of course. But they’re gone part of the year which is weird. Can anyone say empty nest? This girl! But it’s nice to have time alone with my hubby since when we got married, I was already a divorced, single mom of a ten year old. So we jumped right into the family thing. It’s an adjustment. And it made for a rocky start. But not all fairytales have that pretty and perfect start. They can get there eventually.

Yeah, I fight with him. Name a couple that lives together that doesn’t fight and I’ll tell you about two people that don’t actually care about each other or their lives. Because you care is why you fight. Weird, huh? I want to knock you in the head with a frying pan…but I love you so much I would drop to the ground in hysterics if something happened to you. Love is a risky, uncertain and tempestuous business, huh?

Sometimes we think we’re in love and it goes to you know where. My first marriage was over in less than a year. But when you’re young you can make silly mistakes and hopefully manage to chalk it up to youth. I know I did.

And that’s where my hubby comes in. About five years later. And we’ve been together for 25 years. More good than bad probably.

And that’s the personal side. Professionally, which is weird to say still, I have been building on my writing career. It’s a slog sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. There are so many things that you need to do. Not just the writing. Oh heck no! You’ve got to map out time for ads, time to do blurbs and set up preorders, time to learn new things like how to set up a stupid spreadsheet on google docs and sheets, time to work on covers and pick out models and oh so many dang things that have nothing to do with the actual writing. But it’s all necessary to really making things work. And I really want to make things work. I love the whole thing even when it drives me crazy.

Back to the personal side. Because that does suffer. I have had to literally try to carve out time for my hubby sometimes and then stay up late trying to finish a book. But that time with your significant other can make or break you. So you can’t skimp on it. You can stretch it really thin, and I do, but don’t let it fall by the wayside. That’s the kiss of death.

So now back to the writing. I’ve been exploring this year, trying to figure out where I fit. I’m still not sure. But I found out I love to write dark instalove, or dark grey instalove lol! I’m not sure how dark I am but I like to have edgier characters. Not too good, not too bad. And sometimes somebody ends up dead. Which I do threaten friends and family with. Tick me off and you’re a dead character in a book lol! I’ve seen it on t-shirts but it’s a real thing!

And I like to write shifter romances. Which boggles my hubby’s mind. And I’m working on a sci-fi romance, which of course brought up, do you want to be kidnapped and ravished by an alien? I had to think about that lol! But no. I don’t. It’s just darn fun to write!

As you can see from the pic, I even had some of my books made into paperbacks! I’m making my way through my backlist for that! But it’s so fun to have a shelf of books that I wrote! I still can’t believe I sat down and wrote books. And then I put them out there for readers to love or hate! It’s a scary blinking thing!

Okay, rambling officially finished. I will try and check in more. I got sidetracked by so many things but I love to yap, as my hubby says, so I’ll yap to you another time!

Love y’all! Tamrin

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Tamrin Banks is a self-published author of over 50 short, instalove romances! She writes steamy romance with grumpy, growly men and sometimes snarky but definitely sassy women! She has three children and her two youngest just left for college. So she and her husband of 21 years now have an empty nest for the first time ever! They hope to travel together when time allows. Her favorite thing is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! And all kinds of crafts and tacos of course!

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