He’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades!

My honey bunny is very handy around the house. As soon as something breaks etc. he’s on it. Saturday the over-sink lighting blew. Immediately, he makes a little jaunt to Lowe’s, figuring it’s the fluorescent bulbs that blew. When he gets that done he flicks the switch and I hear swearing. Not it obviously. Too late for another trip. The next day we look online and he picks up a new fixture and puts it in. And then there was light! A lot of light! We went LED this time and it’s bright! I like it though. The brighter the better in the kitchen. I washed dishes that night and loved all the light. The next day he’s washing the dishes. I hear him getting ready and then look up as he comes to the living room wearing sunglasses. “If you want me, I’ll be out here doing dishes.” Totally serious. I lost it. That’s my husband.

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Tamrin Banks is a self-published author of over 50 short, instalove romances! She writes steamy romance with grumpy, growly men and sometimes snarky but definitely sassy women! She has three children and her two youngest just left for college. So she and her husband of 21 years now have an empty nest for the first time ever! They hope to travel together when time allows. Her favorite thing is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! And all kinds of crafts and tacos of course!

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