Merry Christmas and Meteors!

Okay, I think I have mentioned Christmas is my favorite time of the year! It is but I do hate the setup. Yesterday, we put up the tree and my daughter was pushing for it. She stayed long enough to set the tree up and put her ornaments on and went for a walk. I spent the next three hours setting the house up. But it looks so pretty. I sat in the dining room with the lights out enjoying it. It’s so peaceful and makes me a lot calmer than I have been and I definitely needed it. It’s been a rough year. My daughter graduated from high school in may and my son will next may and Covid has really put a damper on their lives. While everyone else was off, I work in a school cafeteria and had a letter saying I was essential so I could go to work and hand out lunches on the curb. This past month, I actually was sick and was tested but was negative, my husband positive so we probably both had it. I’ve never been more sick. Thank heaven, this is all coming to a close I hope. Now, to the meteor part. I am a science geek. I love space and science fiction. I was so excited to hear that there was going to be a huge meteor shower the other night. Sadly, it was cloudy. I’m talking to honey bunny before bed and see a flash of light. I was so ecstatic, I was running through the house looking out the windows for anything. My kids look at me like I’m nuts and I ask if they saw a light. My daughter goes, “That was me taking pictures of the tree to send my friend.” They had a good laugh but I was so bummed. No meteor. Anyway, I hope you have a great Christmas and if you see a meteor, I am so jealous!

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Tamrin Banks is a self-published author of over 50 short, instalove romances! She writes steamy romance with grumpy, growly men and sometimes snarky but definitely sassy women! She has three children and her two youngest just left for college. So she and her husband of 21 years now have an empty nest for the first time ever! They hope to travel together when time allows. Her favorite thing is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! And all kinds of crafts and tacos of course!

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