Holidays Are For Family!

Have you ever been curious about where you came from? What combination of genetics made wonderful, special you? I have and as a special gift to me and my kids, I ordered an kit. I know some of my history from a family diary but my kids don’t believe it’s accurate so I want to find out what I am. Silly, I know. All of us are unique and special and this holiday, I think, more than any other tries to bring us together to celebrate our place in our family. I hope you all are happy and content in your place in your family. Enjoy your holidays! By the way, I’m working on Naughty Noel. Out soon so watch for it! The story includes a little fluffy grey stray kitten named Mistletoe!

Published by tamrinbanks

Tamrin Banks is a self-published author of over 50 short, instalove romances! She writes steamy romance with grumpy, growly men and sometimes snarky but definitely sassy women! She has three children and her two youngest just left for college. So she and her husband of 21 years now have an empty nest for the first time ever! They hope to travel together when time allows. Her favorite thing is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! And all kinds of crafts and tacos of course!

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