Savage Duty is live!

Just a quick note to let you know that Savage Duty is live! Yay! There were some delays and complications with this one so I’m happy to have it live! Free to read in kindle unlimited and .99 to purchase!

Sometimes you get some curve balls and my son is quarantined right now at home and I really have no idea what I am lol! He’s working on scholarship applications for college next year so staying busy. We’ll be getting his announcements and cap and gown soon so it’s winding down this year! The last year and a half have really been like a boat anchor dragging so slow. Two high school graduations during Covid were different. My daughter hated it. My son can’t wait. He’s hoping his isn’t in person. Jeez!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Tamrin Banks is a self-published author of over 50 short, instalove romances! She writes steamy romance with grumpy, growly men and sometimes snarky but definitely sassy women! She has three children and her two youngest just left for college. So she and her husband of 21 years now have an empty nest for the first time ever! They hope to travel together when time allows. Her favorite thing is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! And all kinds of crafts and tacos of course!

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