Hart’s Desire series this month and why does it have to snow in Ohio?

This month, I’m planning a four book series for Valentine’s Day with a roguish mama dying to be a grandma. Valentina Hart has decided now is the time for her adopted boys to meet their matches and she’s not taking no for an answer! She wants grand babies! So one by one she finds the woman she thinks they need. He’s not the oldest but Jace Hart is slipping into a cold, detached spiral that says he needs help the most. And boy does he get it in Artie Renault. (It’s short for something but she doesn’t want anybody to find out what!). This woman has his control shredded and thrown out the window. All his animal urges are telling him she’s the one but he’s not taking his mothers meddling lying down! Meet Bossy Hart! Book one of Hart’s Desire. P.S. Valentina also likes to run the potentials past her very large kitty Cuddles! 😂

Coming this week!

Winter Storm Orlena is really taking aim at Ohio! This is what it looks like out my window.

I don’t like snow!

Can I just tell you, I hate snow. And I’m quarantined again. Ugh! My brain is fried but I will have Bossy Hart done. The girls at my daughter’s college are counting on me lol! (Yeah, I like to embarrass her 😂. Sorry not sorry!) She is settling in so I haven’t seen her since winter break. I miss her, just a little bit. ( or a lot!)

I want to thank everybody that picked up or read my books last month. Look what you did! You guys are awesome!

So happy write now! (Pun intended!).

#38 is amazing! Love ya! Watch out for Orlena and I’ll have an excerpt from Bossy Hart soon!

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